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need a ride?

Sure you do. We all do, usually multiple times a day and almost every day of the week. It’s because of the world we live in. It’s big, and it offers so many things to do.

You might need a long distance transportation from London. You might need a shuttle from the airport to the city. Perhaps a shuttle to the airport from the city. Or a ride from the airport to the hotel you are staying in. A carpool on the weekend. Or perhaps just a way to get from and to your home every day.

Shuttle Planet offers you an option of booking seats on already scheduled trips, of which some of them are door to door (Marked "Door to Door" on the search results) where you can set your own specific pick-up or drop-off location, or if none suit your route or no rides for your trip are already set-up, you can determine your own route by logging in and setting up a schedule.

But public buses are crowded and may be late, and you have almost no way of contacting them to correct the situation, and the bus won’t deviate from its original route. Subway trains smell funny. Regular trains stop far from the places you want to see. Roads are crowded, and the cars cost a lot. What to do then if you really need a ride somewhere but none of the above options is acceptable, available or effective? Then, dear traveller, you need a Shuttle Planet ride… Hop on!

Transportation in the Modern World

The modern world is pretty crowded with cars, buses, trams, trains, roads and tracks, which sometimes makes transportation from one place to another a nightmare. That’s why many people decide to ditch their cars forever or use them only when travelling a long distance or in urgent cases.

This brings several benefits to these ex-car owners or occasional car users and the wider community or even the whole world, including:

  • Fewer expenses (for buying a car, maintaining it and buying fuel)
  • More pleasant and serene surroundings
  • Fewer emissions and a healthier environment
  • An opportunity to relax while others drive

  • Sounds great, huh?

    Fine and dandy, but this still doesn’t solve the problem what to do instead of driving with one’s own car. Here are some options:

  • Bus ride
  • Train ride
  • Subway ride
  • Tram ride
  • Carpooling with a friend
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Couch potato (Staying at home)

But you see, all these options can also have major setbacks.

City buses, trains, subways and the like are crowded and drive slowly and/or only on pre-set paths. This might mean you will still have to walk for ages to get to your destination. Carpooling with a friend is a great, eco-friendly, inexpensive option – if you have that option and if your friend is kind enough to pick you up and drop you off at the most convenient location. Cycling and walking are the healthiest of choices, but - as we have already mentioned – the world is big and getting somewhere with such means of transportation can last for quite a while, not to mention the physical effort required. Staying at home them. Couch potato. Doesn’t cost much, doesn’t pollute the environment much and it isn’t very crowded (unless you have dozens of roommates). Oh wait, you can’t just stay at home – there are things to do, people to visit, places to see. So, you don’t own a car (or can’t drive it for various reasons), you hate crowded public transport, but you still have to live. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a shared or private transport in any city of the world to drive you through your local neighbourhood, across the city or even long distance, to another city or another country?

So, you don’t own a car (or can’t drive it for various reasons), you hate crowded public transport, but you still have to live. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a shared or private transport in any city of the world to drive you through your local neighbourhood, across the city or even long distance, to another city or another country?

Shuttle Planet – a MarketPlace for Travel and Carpooling

There could be various reasons why you’ll need transport tomorrow. Maybe you’ll go to work or attend a special event, maybe to visit a friend who lives far away, maybe you’ll need a ride to the airport or a hospital, a tourist destination or an event to visit, and maybe you will just want to go shopping. In any case, you will need transportation services. And what could be better for this than a big marketplace for searching bus companies, shuttle service providers, limousine companies, small transportation businesses and all other professional passenger transportation services? Perhaps a big marketplace with all these services in which providers compete for your business to offer the greatest value for the least money?

You’ve come to the right place.

Just to recap: shared or private professional transportation or car rental for the affordable price in your city, across cities or even abroad. But let’s get one thing clear: we don’t drive – and you should neither (if you don’t want to, of course). We only connect to help you find your transportation among hundreds of options and thousands of providers, and help providers offer amazing customer-reviewed services and grow their successful business. And we are all happy when this happens… So let’s make it happen!

Finding a Ride through Shuttle Planet…

…is very simple and very effective.

For starters, we need four and a half pieces of basic information to find you an affordable, reliable and professional transport that can take you practically anywhere.

First, we need your departure location, handily named “From” in our search engine. This can either be a city you are travelling from or a specific location inside a city (a street, an exact address or an area).

Second, your destination, handily named “To” in our search engine. This can again be a city or a more specific location.

Third, the date you want to go to your business conference/friend visit/ concert/vacation trip (or anything else). “Innovatively” named “Date” in our search engine.

Fourth, we want to know how many seats you require. Will you be travelling on your own? With a friend? With a group of friends? And don’t worry, we only need the number without any details. This section is handily named “Passengers” in our search engine.

And last, that half piece of information that you can tick or not – the option of requiring a return ride or child seats, handily named “Child seats” and "return Journey in our search engine. Go figure.

Then you simply click on the “Take me there!” button and wait for a moment.

Should the route have already scheduled transport available, you can just follow the simple steps to book a ride with a card (Mastercard or Visa) or PayPal if you prefer. Before booking, you can also send the company or the driver a message with a question for details you might require.

If an already scheduled shared ride does not exist yet, will kindly ask you to also tell us when you want to arrive at your destination, based on that our system will calculate the latest departure time, and you can set the earliest time when you can depart. Based on this info transporters can offer you and any other travellers in that time a ride that suits your needs perfectly and offer you a chance to book a shared ride. Or simply schedule a private ride.

Which one to choose, you ask?

In the end, it all comes down to the comfort/cost ratio you are willing to accept. Private transports cost more but can be tailored just to your needs, so you don’t have to wait for departure or wait for your event at your destination for too long. Plus having the back (or front) seats just for you adds comfort to the experience. On the other hand, shared rides offer cheap transportation, but they require you to adapt to a certain degree. The choice is yours…

If you want to start choosing your rides today to fill up your from and to calendar, you only need to register on with your email to start browsing all the possibilities. It’s free, and we don’t charge any fees to passengers – the price you see is the price you pay.

By the way, if you have any questions regarding our services or perhaps a problem with booking a ride through our website, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or browse through the FAQ section to find the answer you are looking for.

For the end of this section, let’s look at an example to make searching for a ride even simpler.

Let’s say that you need a ride to the airport in Luton. It could be either a bus to the airport, cab-hailing or a car drive to the airport. Enter your departure location into the search engine, which can be just “Luton” if you are flexible or a certain area, Airport, street or another known location. Enter your destination, for example, “Luton airport”, choose the date from the table that opens when clicking on the date box and insert the number of passengers, with the option of also selecting “Child Seats” if you are planning to take children along. Click “Take me There!”. Book an already existing ride, or add additional information regarding when do you want to arrive at your destination and when you could leave your departure location and choose a private or a shared transfer. Then select the ride that suits you best and travel!

Still Not Sure If You Want to Join?

Well, here is what you can get by using Shuttle Planet:

  • All the data you need to choose the most convenient transport service among numerous providers
  • Greatly reduced transportation costs by using shared transportation service
  • Professional and safe transportation
  • Transportation anytime and (almost) anywhere

And that’s not nearly all we offer…

Although the core of our services is creating a community of passengers and transportation providers, together with our partners we can also make some other aspects of your travel a bit more comfortable.

Need a hotel or other accommodation at the destination you are travelling to? Simply switch the tab from “Shared Rides” to “Hotels” in our search engine, and search among more than 2 million hotels, apartments, villas and other types of accommodation to find one that will offer you a comfortable stay. (Only on desktop)

Will your travel also include flights? Change to the “Flights” tab and find yourself a flight that will fit your travelling schedule.

Perhaps need a ferry ride? Just for yourself or travelling with a vehicle? Find numerous ferry routes on the “Ferries” tab.

Could you need anything else for a great travel? Perhaps the option of browsing interesting events or locations at your destination? We have that too! The “Discover” tab in the upper right corner of our site offers a list of interesting places to see and things to do for chosen countries across the globe.

So sign-up & try it today!

how it works - transport provider

what if you are a transportation service provider?

In that case, you have come to the right place, too… We know a lot of people across the globe who require transportation services. People who are looking for services such as Luton transportation or carpool Luton. People who desperately need a Chicago, Tokyo, Rome or London transport. People who are wondering about the distance of a chosen location because they can’t get there on foot. People who want a reliable shuttle from their home to their dreamy vacation location. People who want to save some money and are looking for cheap transportation or shared transportation. People who just want to catch a ride to the airport urgently and don’t mind paying a reasonable price. People who are searching for you.

Partnering with us is easy: you set your prices and there are no sign-up fees or subscription costs. You are free to set your availability however it suits you, when it suits you and on what routes it suits you. You can also continue working through your other established relationships, so there is really nothing you could be risking by joining us. But you could be gaining a whole lot: occasional co-travellers to increase your earnings, regular clients that frequently use your transportation services, a seasonal boost to your income or a big market of potential clients that can quickly grow your business and bring it to the next level.

Shuttle Planet is ready to welcome you and grow our network of reliable passenger transportation providers across the globe. Passengers across the globe are ready to travel to all kinds of destinations, close and far, occasionally and regularly, alone or in the company of others.

Are you ready, too?

Sign-up & try it today!